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Anime has consistently showcased cats, ranging from anthropomorphic to realistic portrayals. Cat enthusiasts will find these top anime picks delightful, featuring charming feline moments that make them essential viewing for any cat owner.


This is an iconic anime series that combines Western sci-fi with comedic and dramatic elements. The story follows Vash the Stampede, a gunslinger with a mysterious past and a pacifist heart, as he wanders a desert planet.

Amidst the action-packed adventures, a peculiar black cat named Kuroneko-sama frequently appears, adding a touch of whimsy to the series.

Trigun is beloved for its complex characters, thought-provoking themes, and the enigmatic feline that has become a symbol of the show’s charm. It’s a timeless classic that resonates with cat lovers and anime enthusiasts alike.


The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today  

which debuted last year, centers on two main characters: Saku, a dedicated worker, and her adopted stray cat Yukichi. Yukichi undergoes an unexpected transformation, growing to the size of a bear.

He takes on household tasks and showcases his cooking abilities, adding humor and coziness to their daily routines. Across 13 episodes, viewers are treated to endearing and comical interactions.


Fruits Basket 

This anime delves into the lives of the Sohma family across its 63 episodes from 2009. The storyline revolves around Tohru, who moves in with the Sohmas and discovers their unique curse: each member transforms into a Zodiac animal when stressed.

Notably, the cat is excluded from this ancient tradition, highlighting themes of exclusion and empathy as Tohru learns about the Zodiac’s origins and bonds with Kyo, the outcast cat representative. Through these relationships, Tohru navigates deep-seated family struggles and forges lasting connections within the Sohma clan.


Kiki’s Delivery Service 

This 1989 film draws inspiration from Eiko Kadono’s novel. It features Kiki and her cat, Jiji, as they settle in a quaint town. This touching story charts Kiki’s introspective path and explores themes of transitioning into adulthood over its 100-minute runtime.

Amid Kiki’s new adventures, Jiji provides comforting companionship with his sharp wit. Despite his complaints, Jiji proves a steadfast friend, always there for Kiki when needed.


My Roommate is a Cat

Based on Minatsuki and Asu Futatsuya’s manga, it debuted 5 years ago with 12 episodes. It revolves around Subaru Mikazuki, a quiet novelist whose life takes a turn when he adopts a stray cat named Haru. The series explores their intertwined lives from both Subaru’s and Haru’s perspectives as they grow together.


Natsume’s Book of Friends 

This anime has aired 74 episodes since its release in 2008, offering a tranquil anime experience. The series follows Takashi Natsume, who inherits his grandmother’s literal Book of Friends containing numerous spirit names.

Recognizing the book’s significance and potential for misuse, Takashi embarks on a quest to return the names to their rightful owners.

Takashi finds Madara, a yokai who often appears as a cat. Initially striking an agreement with Takashi to protect him in exchange for inheriting his grandmother’s book upon Takashi’s death, Madara gradually develops genuine affection for Takashi.


The Cat Returns

This is another banger from Studio Ghibli released in 2002. It tells the tale of Haru whose life takes a magical turn after rescuing a cat. Little does she know, the cat she saved is the prince of a Cat Empire, and she suddenly finds herself promised to marry him.

With the aid of Toto, and Muta, Haru ventures through this whimsical world. Against her will, she is taken to the Cat Kingdom, where she begins to undergo a feline transformation the longer she remains.


Nights With A Cat 

This Kyuryu Z manga debuted in 2012 as a delightful anime. It explores the bond between Fuuta, the main character, and Kyuruga, the cat his younger sister introduces into their home. Kyuruga, like all felines, is portrayed as intricate and idiosyncratic, displaying a charming yet eccentric personality throughout the series.

Fans of comedy and slice-of-life genres will enjoy its distinctive art style and the heartwarming relationship dynamics between Fuuta and Kyuruga.


Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket explores the lives of the Sohma family across its 63 episodes from 2009, in-line with Natsuki Takaya’s manga. The story revolves around Tohru who moves in with the Sohmas and discovers their unique curse: each family member transforms into a Zodiac animal when stressed.

Notably, the cat is excluded from this ancient tradition, highlighting themes of exclusion and empathy. As Tohru becomes part of the family, she delves into their profound challenges and forges deep friendships, especially with Kyo, the ostracized member representing the cat.


A Whisker Away

A heartwarming anime film, it delves into themes of love and identity through a fantastical cat transformation. The story follows Miyo Sasaki, an eccentric teenager who discovers a magical mask allowing her to become a cat.

Balancing her human and feline lives, Miyo gains insights into self-acceptance and the complexities of human relationships.

This beautifully animated movie enchants viewers with its original concept, emotional depth, and endearing perspective from a cat’s point of view, appealing to cat owners and anyone curious about life through feline eyes.


She and Her Cat – Everything Flows 

inspired by Makoto Shinkai’s film, it consists of four episodes portraying the life of Miyu, a college student, and her cat named Daru. The series uniquely unfolds through Daru’s perspective, showcasing his deep affection, admiration, and steadfast encouragement for Miyu in all aspects.

The series concludes with Daru’s death, followed by hints of his reincarnation as a new kitten, eventually reuniting with Miyu.


Chi’s Sweet Home 

Konami Kanata’s manga follows Chi who gets lost from her family and is adopted by Yamada’s family. The series chronicles Chi’s adventures as she discovers the world with Yamada’s family.

Perfect for binge-watching, each short episode corresponds to a manga chapter, offering 284 episodes filled with charming moments from Chi’s escapades.




Barakamon is a delightful slice-of-life anime that captures the essence of self-discovery and rural living. The protagonist, Seishuu Handa, is a calligrapher who moves to a remote island to find inspiration after a public gaffe.

There, he encounters a host of quirky characters, including a couple of mischievous cats that add to the show’s charm. The series beautifully portrays Handa’s growth as an artist and person, with heartwarming interactions and comedic moments.

It is a breath of fresh air for viewers seeking a story of healing, community, and the simple joys of life alongside furry friends.

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