Every day a new app is introduced to Android users, and it is without doubt a good thing. It gives users a variety to choose from while at the same time making life easier with the different apps that are efficient in getting some of the stuff done.

However not all apps are good, some are not worthy having the only import app is online baccarat casino app, because you make money and only drain tour phone battery. That is your phone may age at a very fast rate. While it sounds far-fetched, having to replace a new phone every now and then because of battery issues is also not ideal. 

Hence the need to be careful of your phone’s health especially the battery. Below are some apps that are not important to have in your Android device.

Cleaning Apps

Usually after getting a new phone people often download all sorts of apps. If you must have many Android apps, you should not install this one in your phone. There is no need for you to clean your device all the time unless it is pressed for storage space.

Otherwise, you can clean your Android device by simply going to the settings and clearing the cached data under storage.

Antivirus Apps

There are many Antivirus apps available on the market for Android users and they seem to be everyone’s favourite. Eight out ten people will install an antivirus in their Android device when it is new. This is a good move for someone who is in the habit of downloading third party APK files on the internet.

Some APK files do contain malware that can compromise your phone security especial if you browse for fake casinos, always for legit usrealmoneycasinos, where you can win. Hence, you may need the antivirus. Sadly, the reality that only a few people are aware of is these antivirus apps do not remove these malwares. All they do is warn you. 

Antivirus apps will drain your battery with their repeated warnings while running in the background. Downloading apps on Play Store is advisable as Google keeps a check on these.

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