Perfecting the alley oop in NBA 2K17 for Xbox One can be a game-changer, transforming you from a casual player into a virtual basketball pro. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step, making it easy even for tech newbies to master this exciting move.

What is an Alley Oop?

An alley oop in basketball is a play where one player throws the ball near the basket, and a teammate jumps up, catches the ball in mid-air, and immediately scores a basket, usually with a dunk. This high-flying move is not just visually impressive; it’s also a powerful tool in NBA 2K17. Here’s how to do it.

Basic Steps for Performing an Alley Oop in NBA 2K17 on Xbox One

    • Get your player near the basket. This can be achieved by moving your player towards the basket using the left stick on your Xbox One controller.

    • Once your player is near the basket, it’s time to call for the alley oop. This is done by double tapping the ‘Y’ button on your controller.

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    • If done correctly, your player should throw the ball up near the basket. Now it’s time for your teammate to complete the alley oop.

    • To complete the alley oop, you need to control the player catching the ball. Press the ‘X’ button while your player is in mid-air to make him dunk the ball into the basket.

    • Remember, timing is everything. If you don’t hit the ‘X’ button at the right time, your player will just catch the ball instead of completing the alley oop.

How to Self Alley-Oop in NBA 2K17 on Xbox One

It’s also possible to perform a self alley oop, where your player throws the ball up and dunks it himself. Here’s how to do it.

    • First, your player needs to have the ball and be moving towards the basket.

    • Next, you need to double tap the ‘Y’ button just like you would for a regular alley oop.

    • Once the ball is in the air, press the ‘X’ button to complete the self alley oop. Remember, timing is crucial.

Using the Alley Oop as a Weapon in NBA 2K17

The alley oop isn’t just for show; it’s a powerful offensive tool in NBA 2K17 for Xbox One. When used correctly, it can catch the defense off guard and lead to easy points. Here are some tips on using the alley oop as a weapon:

    1. Use it sparingly. If you overuse the alley oop, your opponents will start to anticipate it and defend against it more effectively.

    • Choose the right moment. The best time to use the alley oop is when you have a clear path to the basket, and your teammate is in a good position to receive the pass.
    • Practice makes perfect. The timing for the alley oop can be tricky to get right, so practice it in different game situations to get a feel for it.


We hope this comprehensive guide has made the process of executing an alley oop in NBA 2K17 for Xbox One easy and fun. With practice, this can become a potent weapon in your NBA 2K17 arsenal. So get on the court and start throwing down those high-flying alley oops!


How do you alley oop in NBA 2K20 on Xbox?

The process is similar to NBA 2K17. You need to get your player near the basket, double tap the ‘Y’ button to throw the ball up, and then press the ‘X’ button to dunk the ball into the basket.

How do you dunk in NBA 2K17 on Xbox?

To dunk in NBA 2K17, you need to be moving towards the basket and then hold down the ‘RT’ button (Right Trigger) and press the ‘X’ button. The timing and your player’s position are crucial for a successful dunk.

Can you perform an alley oop in NBA 2K17 on Xbox 360?

Yes, the controls for performing an alley oop in NBA 2K17 on Xbox 360 are the same as on Xbox One. The ‘Y’ button is used to throw the ball up for the alley oop, and the ‘X’ button is used to dunk the ball into the basket.

How do you call for an alley oop in NBA 2K17’s MyCareer mode on Xbox One?

In MyCareer mode, you can call for an alley oop by positioning your player near the basket and then pressing the ‘Y’ button twice quickly. If your teammate is in a good position, they will throw the ball up for you to dunk.

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