All good things come for free, so does the VPN. Yes! You can find free VPN connections when you travel abroad. These free VPN services are all over the internet, they have their servers, and the size of their network is relatively small. Some free VPN sites might ask for a sign up before using, but no money. 

Nevertheless, the primary question is, are these Free VPN connections, safe to use? 

Well! The answer is that, to some extent, they are safe, they can offer protection, but not 100% guaranteed privacy. The free VPNs provide encryption, but we cannot be sure that these encryptions are strong enough to deal with cyber hackers.

Although it is a matter of debate, yet there are somethings that a VPN can deliver.


1. Anonymity


Since all free VPNs have their private server networks, they can mask your IP address and substitute it with the one owned by them. Therefore, if you are downloading content on torrent in China and do not want to get caught, then a free VPN can help you.


2. Semi-Secured


Free VPNs may or may not provide complete security. Just like the paid VPN services, they too offer encryptions, but we are not sure if these encryptions are strong enough to withstand the cyberattacks.


3. Evade Geo Restrictions & Censorships


Internet usage is not free in all places, Countries like China, North Korea, and Iran have stringent internet usage policies, therefore to by-pass these restrictions and access the blocked sites, you can use a free VPN service. They can help you access geo-restricted sites freely. 

Now That You Know The Positives Of Using A Free VPN Let’s Understand Its Drawbacks.


1. Your Data Is Sold


So, as we mentioned earlier, some free VPN sites ask for sign up. During this process, they take your personal information and register you. However, the data you provide during sign up is then sold to advertisers. This is how they earn money. Thus, if you are using free VPN, be ready to be loaded with ads.


2. They Use Third-Party Servers


Purchasing and maintaining servers is not easy; it involves time, effort, and money. So most Free VPNs work on third-party servers, this means that apart from the VPN provider, there is a company who owns the server. However, we cannot be sure that our data is secure with the third-party; they have access and rights to use it to their advantage. 


3. Speed Is A Problem


You cannot ask too much for free. With free VPNs, your internet downtime is more than usual, and thus, your internet speed is impacted heavily. In 9 out of 10 cases, streaming and downloading content on free VPNs will be a tiring and painful job.


4. Bad Encryptions


Although some Free VPNs do assure secure encryption of data, yet most do not. There have been a lot of instances of internet breaches because of using Free VPNs. Hackers are always alert; a weak encryption is like an open invitation; they can easily decode and misuse our information and steal our financial and personal data.

What’s The Right Thing To Do?

Free VPNs are tempting, but it is wise not to fall for the temptation. Premium VPNs are not very costly, and you can get a monthly subscription in less than $10. The can give you a fair idea of the most reliable and cost-effective VPN providers. Based on your research, select a paid VPN service and use the internet without the fear of being robbed or watched.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.