Firstly, What is a photocopier?

This may be obvious, however it’s always good to start with the basics. A photocopier is an electric device that has been designed to produce multiple copies of images and text quickly. This is normally onto paper. There are also machines which have specialty to expand images over the transparencies, which are used for the display arrangements for the overhead projectors.

What are they for? 

Some photocopiers are simple machines others are not as they can perform a variety of functions.

Their primary function, is to make exact copies of documents. It is very common in the workplace for people to need to make copies of documents, so a photocopier most certainly comes in handy for this. It is also easier to make a lot of copies with a copier than it is to print a large number of documents out of a computer printer. Therefore, a photocopier takes a lot of hassle out of printing numerous amounts of documents.

Some multi function copiers can also scan documents, which can then to sent to your computer or emailed directly to a business contact. Others are able to fax documents and be used like printers.

Tip: multi function copier can also be called All-In-One Printers and Multifunction Devices.

The proven benefits of Photocopiers

As we have said above, photocopiers bring about the fastest and easiest way to generate multiple copies for the paperwork.

Another benefit is there isn’t much work to operate one of these machine. The user only needs to feed in the document to be copied (paper will also have to be put in the paper tray). 

Multi-function devices, offer features like scanning and faxing.

The users can select and further stipulate the size of the copies with reference making it either smaller or bigger so that it could replicate with the initial copy.

Photocopiers are also cost-effective. A photocopier that copies, scans, and faxes, will save a business a lot of money with regards to printing and transport costs if employees had to leave the business premises to make photocopies or scans previously.

Why is leasing is a great choice and better than buying?

Leasing photocopier instead of buying outright has numerous benefits, several of which seem even more attractive to companies as their economic fortunes become more tenuous:

First, it offers companies the chance to avoid any up-front payment. Leasing photocopier does not require the credit or initial cash input than outright buying would.

With a lease agreement, businesses are often able to select all-inclusive packages, which can include everything but the paper from parts, toner, maintenance and servicing and ensuring precise integration of photocopiers into back-end systems and networks upon installation.

Photocopier leasing provides businesses with the opportunity to keep up with the latest technology and switch to newer technologies at the end of a term.

The terms and conditions can be tailored suit the buyer demands, longer or shorter as is needed. Companies usually do not pay for photocopiers outside the time they agreed to lease.

What is renting and how it different from leasing?

Renting photocopier is the best option for those who know who need the equipment for a shorter period. You will not get ownership of the device unless you agree on a final fee with your supplier. However, unlike lease rental, the minimum duration can be anything from one week to a year, so there is much greater flexibility in the length of use. Photocopier rental is normally provided through used photocopiers with maintenance/online service support for the term of the agreement.

Photocopier leasing requires paying for your photocopier over a period defined in the indenture usually 2-5 years. Almost all of these require a minimum term for the lease, so if you want to withdraw and upgrade the photocopier, you will have to pay the remaining instalments upfront. The important thing about this type of payment is that the leasing company retains ownership of the copier even after the lease expires and title of the equipment is usually given to the original supplier for a set price.

What brands are available?

There are many photocopier manufacturers in the market today: Panasonic Canon, Konica Minolta, Brother, Ricoh, Sharp, and Xerox.

Sharp began making photocopiers in 1972, and it’s fair to say it’s nailed it. It provides a variety of copiers that can manage differing volumes, colour, and speed copying options. It also provides models best suited for SMEs, personal use, and even large corporate settings, depending on the size of your business.

Technology in photocopiers and their capabilities has improved vastly in the last ten years and should be accessible to everyone. The future of copiers lies in increased efficiency and eco-friendliness.  

We hope this guide helps you to make a smart decision when you choose your next photocopier.

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