More and more people are reporting charges on their credit cards from “702 SW 8th St.” If you’re wondering why you’re seeing this charge and what to do about it, this article is for you. 

We’ll provide a detailed guide on understanding and handling the “702 SW 8th St” charge on your credit card. Read on for the full details.

What does 702 SW 8th St mean?

702 SW 8th St is the address of a Walmart store located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart is a large retail store that sells various items including groceries. It is known as the biggest retailer globally. 

Additionally, our Finclash team discovered that “702 SW 8th St” is also the address of Sam’s Club, which is a part of Walmart. Sam’s Club is a membership-based warehouse club that offers high-quality products at competitive prices.

Why is the 702 SW 8th St charge showing up on my credit card?

If you’ve shopped at Walmart or Sam’s Clubs at “702 SW 8th St,” you might see a charge on your credit card. 

But if you haven’t bought anything there and you live far away, the charge could be from something you ordered on the Walmart app. The item may have been shipped from “702 SW 8th St” to you.

702 sw 8th st charge on credit card

Is the 702 SW 8th St charge on your credit card fraudulent?

Many users say they didn’t buy anything from the store but got a charge on their credit card from “702 SW 8th St.” Unauthorized transactions like these are scams. 

People online also said they were charged amounts ranging from $10 to $499.45, even though they didn’t make any purchases.

We discovered a security breach at Sam’s Club where users’ data, including names, phone numbers, postal codes, and membership IDs, was leaked to a third party.

It’s possible that scammers used this data or your credit card information, resulting in a charge on your credit card statement. 

We’ve included a link to the notice for your reference. Remember, if you haven’t purchased anything from Walmart, the 702 SW 8th St charge on your credit card is likely a scam.

What to do about unauthorized charges from 702 SW 8th St?

These events appear to be planned scams. If you suspect unauthorized charges, act quickly. Report the incident to your credit card issuer and bank immediately. If you don’t recognize a charge, inform your bank right away. 

When you report to your credit card issuer, they’ll block your card. Contact Walmart support, explain the situation, and follow their guidance.

Here’s a simple guide to handle 702 SW 8th St charges on your credit card:

  1. Check Your Statement: Look closely at your credit card statement to confirm if the charge is not authorized.
  2. Reach Out to the Credit Card Provider: Dial the customer service number on the back of your credit card once you spot the unauthorized charge.
  3. Contest the Charge: Let the credit card company know that you’re disputing the charge.
  4. Keep an Eye on Your Account: While the investigation is ongoing, regularly check your credit card account for any more unauthorized charges.
  5. Stay in Touch: Maintain regular communication with your credit card company to monitor the progress of the dispute and ensure a prompt resolution.

Is it possible to get my money back?

Yes, you can usually recover your money from fraudulent credit card charges. Credit card issuers often have procedures to investigate and resolve such issues. If the charge is unauthorized, you should receive a refund for the disputed amount. 

702 sw 8th st charge on credit card

To increase the likelihood of a positive outcome, act quickly, follow the outlined steps, and communicate openly with your credit card company.


Check if you made a purchase with Walmart. If not, report it to Walmart and your credit card issuer. Your credit card company can assist you in such situations. 

We’ve provided a thorough guide on “702 SW 8th St Credit Card Charge,” so we trust all your questions are answered.

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