BYOD is the acronym for bring your own device. With all the advancements in technology, it would be easier if people used their own devices to learn or to conduct business for the company. BYOD not only ensures that you always have your data with you, but it also enhances data security by eliminating the need always to access your data from different devices. There are numerous advantages of BYOD, and there are also so many myths surrounding it. Here are seven myths that have been debunked for you.

1. BYOD Will Result in More Distractions

Students can focus and concentrate more on a device that they are already familiar with. A new device will arouse curiosity as to what features it contains and what it’s capable of achieving. There are also limits on usage when a new device is being used. If the students or employees carried their own devices, they wouldn’t be curious about its functioning since they are already familiar with the features in it and its capabilities. Rules with strict punishments can be put in place to regulate texting or accessing of social media in the classroom or while at the office. The students and employees will, therefore, be able to focus on completing the task that they have been assigned.

eachers Need to Be Experts in All the Technology Owned by the Students

2. It Deepens the Digital Divide

According to Lisa Nielsen, a blogger for The Journal, the digital divide will exist regardless of whether people adopt BYOD or not. It’s illogical to stop those who own devices from using them to learn or work just because a tiny percentage doesn’t own them. In addition to that, most of the students and employees own a Smartphone, and these can be used for learning or working. The difference comes in when we delve into the kind of devices owned by the individuals. They can range from a Smartphone to tablets and laptops, but each of these can perform the task assigned.

3.Teachers Need to Be Experts in All the Technology Owned by the Students

The teachers in schools that are adopting BYOD don’t have to be experts in technology. Technological advancements and improvements are being made daily for different devices, and it is not possible for one person to be an expert in all of it. When the school provides the tools to be used, then the teacher can be the expert but when the students bring their own devices, they are the experts, and they can help each other in the completion of tasks offered by the teacher.

BYOD Will Result in More Distractions

4. BYOD Will Result in Students Engaging in Harmful Activities

While there is some truth in this, Stephanie Carteri’s first blog states that it is a myth. Whether we admit it or not, children are being born into the world that has a lot of technology. Most students have access to a device that can connect to the internet at home. By implementing BYOD, these students will be taught on what to do and what not to do with their devices in an environment that will protect them from the dangers of the real world. For instance, the students will be educated on the dangers of pornography and might face punishment for accessing pornographic material while in class. The student will, therefore, know of the repercussions of such an action and will desist from doing it even when not at school.

5. You Can Stop BYOD

More and more people are adopting BYOD in their workplaces and learning institutions because of the advantages it carries. As more people are sensitized on the importance of BYOB, it is expected that the rate of adoption will significantly increase. Its end is not in sight.


6. Companies Don’t Have the Resources to Support BYOD

By encouraging the employees to bring and use their own devices at work, the company saves money as opposed to purchasing devices that every employee will use. The companies can then redirect these resources toward supporting the move.

7. Most Big Companies Aren’t Willing to Adopt BYOD

In the beginning, this was true but only because it was a new concept that very few people knew about. However, as people have adopted it and its advantages are clearly seen, even the big companies cannot resist the urge to adopt it. The most commonly used device is the Smartphone, which has almost become a necessity for everybody.

BYOD is a movement that is taking the world by storm. Both students and employees are reaping great benefits from it. You should not be left behind because of a myth that you heard or read. Remember that behind every myth is the truth.