Tablets can be used as a digital signage tool, customer service aide, or at a point of sale. The tablet that you choose for your device matters a lot, and so you should select it keenly to ensure it meets your needs.  

Stands can be purchased online or in local retailer shops, for instance, electronic shops. Before purchasing in a retailer shop, conduct a pre-visit so you can see the variety of tablet stands available.

Wondering what to consider when buying an iPad stand? Here are seven things you should keep in mind before purchasing a stand for your iPad or tablet.

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1. Security

Even in the busiest commercial environments, your tablet can be stolen. You should, therefore, think about the security of your tablet before you buy a stand. The enclosure needs to be lockable to prevent thieves from accessing the tablets. The stand needs to be secured to the enclosure to prevent any attempts to remove the enclosure.

You should also decide whether to use one key to access several devices or use different keys for different enclosures.

2. Durability

Are you planning to use the stand in a commercial setting? Then you should consider its durability. You should buy a stand that will safeguard your device from the rigors of everyday use while at the same time allow the tablet to be charged, accessed, and removed for upgrade or replacement.

Materials used in the enclosure should be heavy-duty and the enclosure should fit comfortably around the device.

If the base will be freestanding, ensure that it is weighted sufficiently to prevent the device from falling. If it will be freestanding on a countertop, consider the quality of the base and whether it will allow the device to sit firmly on the counter.

Sometimes you may want to fix your tablet to the wall, on the floor, or to the countertop. In this case, be sure to look at whether the stand has screw holes and mountings to allow this type of installation.

3. Sizes

Tablets come in a wide range of sizes, with even the popular iPads coming in four different dimensions.

You can consider the different size options available when choosing a tablet enclosure and stand.

You can decide to buy an enclosure that specifically fits your table or a universal stand that you can easily adjust to suit your different-sized devices.

If the tablet will be used in a busy commercial setup, whether as an order pad, point of sale, or information stand, using a specific size enclosure is ideal.

4. Aesthetics

Just like functionality, the look and feel of the enclosure are important. Aesthetics is important especially if you plan to use the tablet in a hospitality environment or in retail customer service.

The main factors that businesses consider are simple, streamlined and inconspicuous in either white or black so they can match the surrounding decor.

5. Charging

The tablet is required to stay on charge throughout the day. So how do you manage those cables?

Some tablets allow users to hide the cables internally. If you are using a pole, you can run the cables either through the mounting surface or along the top of the surface.

6. Height

This is another important factor to consider when choosing a stand to accompany your tablet enclosure. Will you or your employees access the tablet on a counter while standing? Or will you mount it on the wall at an eye-level for customers to access it?

Keep in mind how and where your tablet will be accessed. The height that you choose should be accessed comfortably by your staff as well as your customers.

7. Versatility

You should consider a stand that is capable of adapting to several different functions and activities. In some cases, a fixed enclosure and stand will suffice, but in others, the environment might require greater flexibility.

For example, you might use the tablet to swivel between two users at the same retail counter, rotate between landscape, and portrait mode or flip between users on opposing sides of a counter.

Sometimes you may use a flexible stand so you can move it up and down or even side to side when need be. Use a stand that is rotatable and movable for tablets you plan to use in a boardroom.

Decide how your stand will be used in the busy everyday workplace setup and then choose the option that fits your needs appropriately.

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