With over 800 million active users on a monthly basis, Instagram is an oasis that anyone willing to put in the work can tap into and draw something significant. There influencers now that have really grown their accounts charging upwards of $20,000 per post. If this seems ridiculous to you, check out influencers like Rachel Brathen and others. While this is not a promise of instant riches once you join Instagram, it is an inspiration that if it has been done before, then you can also do it. To become such an influencer, you have no other shortcut than to get more followers on Instagram. Here are some of the tricks you can use to become an Instagram influencer.

Identify a Niche You Can Work on

You know yourself best, and you know what you are passionate about. This is the first step of becoming an influencer. You need to venture into a field you are either skilled and have a lot of knowledge about, or that which you are passionate and love doing. If you are into photography, then make sure you account is everything to do with photography. This aspect refers to any other field for that matter. The more people see the seriousness on your page, the more they get drawn to it and the more popularity you get. If you are passionate about various things, then you can incorporate several niches, but in an organized and creative manner.

Curate an Appealing Bio

We have agreed that the aim here is to draw attention to your account and have as many followers as possible. Well, the first stop Instagram users will land on is your bio. As such, you have to make it noteworthy. Make sure your bio has something unique and appealing that will influence visitors to your profile to check your other content and subsequently follow you.

Post Quality Content

The content you post is the meat and cheese of your Instagram account. You have to make sure that you get it right. People want to see quality and entertaining content. You can invest in a quality camera to take high-quality images and some photo editing software to give your photos that extra touch and have them stand from the rest. You will not only need to post, but post on a regular basis and tell stories behind the photos. Make sure you connect with your audience to have as many as possible follow you.

Set up an Appealing Feed

You cannot overlook the importance of this if you are looking to be an Instagram influencer. It is not just about posting quality content and on a regular basis, but also creating an identity on the platform. Many influencers identify a particular theme and stick to it. Your photos must look good against each other, and must have an overall theme for your audience to identify with. This is your digital signature. You can take advantage of the available editing and layout tools that Instagram provides.

Follow other Influencers

In your journey of growing your account, it will be necessary to follow other influencers and participate in popular campaigns to expose yourself and get a following. You should identify those popular influencers working in your field, but you can also follow those that have content related to some extent with what you account is all about. A good place to start is following celebrities and such.

Make Use of Hashtags

The importance of hashtags in creating awareness and building a following cannot be overlooked. You can use up to 30 hashtags in just one photo, but you don’t even need all those to expose your content to other users. You need to use them in a smart way by identifying the right accounts or individuals to tag and the right time to do so. It is all a matter of studying the behavior of your audience and working with it to your advantage.

Use Videos and Live Stories

Many individuals looking forward towards creating influential accounts overlook or forget the significance of using videos and live stories. Videos get directly to your audience by showing practically what you venture is all about. Live stories are a great way of interacting directly with your audience and showing them why they should follow you. Remember always that the goal here is attracting a large and active following.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.