Are you marketing your business on Instagram? Well, in that case, outreaching to the potential customers, getting tons of followers and endorsing the brand become utmost essential.

    If you count some of the most influential digital marketing social media platforms, Instagram will hold a place amongst the top three. Started in 2010 as a photo sharing and video sharing networking service, today it has accumulated more than 1 billion monthly active users. So you can easily understand how potent it is for implementing any digital marketing strategy.

    So here we will provide the seven easy steps which can help you grab followers on Instagram.

    1. Show Creativity In Hashtagging

    Whether you are sharing a photo or video, your captions popularize it the most. Gone are the days of using one-word predictable hashtags. Now is the time to get creative, mix it up with more words and brief your story with hashtags. Even though people tend to buy Instagram followers what is effect in many cases these days, but hashtagging on instagram is another proven way to bring solid followers

    Be witty, funny, add positive sarcasm, ironies and make it entertaining. Boring captions lessen the magnetism of the entire post.

    2. Promote Your Dedicated Hashtags In Other Platforms As Well

    Get one creative and influential hashtag for your company which will be called as your dedicated hashtag. Now don’t limit it using only on the Instagram and other social media websites. Take it outside the world of the internet and promote it offline as well. Print it on your receipts, pamphlets, in print ads, on hoardings and signage in your store. You may also promote it on the relevant events.

    The more people will encounter it the more are the chances of them using and sharing it. Believe me, cross-promoting by integrating online, and offline campaigns will be highly fruitful.

    3. Show Your Involvement In Popular Conversations

    There could be many conversations happening in the world of internet which in one way or other is related to your business. Get indulged in them using topically relevant hashtags. Find out the trending and super-popular hashtags running on the internet and use them in your conversations wherever possible.

    Most of the times, specific hashtags are the long-tail keywords as well. Using them could help you find your potential consumers. Other than this, if you use some universal trending hashtags like #instagood, #instalike, it will get you in front of most of the people.

    4. Craft Your Bio Wisely

    Instagram provides a place to write your bio which is visible to all. Here you can paste your URL to drag people directly to your website. But, don’t just paste the website URL and forget. Keep changing and posting the URL that will take people to your newest or most popular content.

    5. Use Descriptive Captions

    No matter, how great are the pictures and how engaging are the videos, descriptive captions are the substance of any post.  Describe the post using storytelling, creative words, and proper hashtags. It can engage the viewers and drag them to your business easily.

    If you think writing effectual captions is not your cup of tea, hire some content writer for the same. Or else, try yourself, follow your marketing strategies and improve your writing with time.

    6. Remove And Approve Photo Tagging

    If you are into serious business make sure you don’t get tagged in inappropriate photos and videos. This way it will be possible to feature only the content of your company or brand. You may go to “Edit Tags” section and choose “Hide from Profile” for all those photos which are unrelated yet tagged.

    Other than this, make sure you have control over which tagged photos appear on your profile. Go to the Instagram settings and find out the options which allow you to approve or reject the photos for appearance.

    7. Localize Your Profile

    Geotagged photos will help you find what all is happening in your locality. Once you get the know-how, it will be easy to target the people by using your dedicated hashtags in the related posts. It is a great way to make your presence in the places surrounding your locality and the people living there.


    Instagram has great engagement rates. So if you follow these simple seven steps, getting a great following will become little hassle-free. All the best!

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.