The Samsung Galaxy name was tainted when Galaxy Note 7 models suffered from exploding batteries. If you’ve been looking forward to newer Galaxy models that put this rough spot in the past where it belongs, you’ll love the Galaxy S8. This striking Samsung model is one of the brand’s most impressive gadgets yet, and it’s quickly become one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Even as newer models as released, there are plenty of great reasons to choose a Samsung Galaxy S8 today.

A Helping Hand From Bixby

Image via Flickr by pestoverde

Bixby is the voice-powered digital assistant by Samsung that made its debut with the Galaxy S8. It replaced S Voice, which didn’t really live up to expectations in previous Samsung models. Bixby, on the other hand, has proven to be a game changer when it comes to users talking to their phones.

While many people associate smartphone assistants with fact-finders like Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, Bixby focuses on making your phone easier to use and more efficient. So while it’s less helpful as a general knowledge base, Bixby is by far the most powerful assistant when it comes to in-phone actions. It helps you navigate your phone’s apps and learns your behaviors so it can offer helpful suggestions. No other digital assistant on the market is quite as intuitive at making your phone easier to use.

Fast and Efficient

The impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor included in the Samsung Galaxy S8 makes it fast and responsive, even when you’re running multiple apps. You’ll love that there is little to no lag time with this phone. And if you want to make sure connectivity issues don’t slow you down when trying to use the internet, make sure to pair your Galaxy S8 with T-Mobile’s ultra-fast network. With speeds that beat out the competition and excellent coverage from coast to coast, T-Mobile helps your S8 perform to its full potential.

Several Security Options

Keeping your device locked up is easy with the Samsung Galaxy 8. This impressive phone can be unlocked with a variety of security measures, including a face scanner, iris scanner, or fingerprint scanner. You get to choose the option you prefer to make sure no one has access to your phone but you.

Charge Without Wires

If you’re tired of dealing with pesky cords every time you want to charge your phone, you’ll love that the Samsung Galaxy S8 features wireless charging capabilities. When you need a little extra battery, simply rest your S8 on a charging pad instead of untangling wires or keeping your phone in an inconvenient spot near an outlet.

Color Me Curious

Those who like to have a little bit more of a personal feel to their phone will love that the Galaxy S8 comes in so many lovely colors. There are six options when you pick the S8: midnight black, arctic silver, maple gold, rose pink, coral blue, and orchid gray. These alluring tones add an extra-special feel to your phone. It’s rare to find so many color options these days, so pounce on the opportunity to get a phone with a little more personality.

Compete With the Best

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is capable of competing with some of the latest phones available today. For example, even the newer Galaxy S9 is considered to be essentially equal to the S8 in terms of attractive features like battery power, camera capabilities, and screen clarity. The phones look almost identical and perform at the same level when it comes to responsiveness and speed.

For now, it appears that smartphone technology hasn’t improved far beyond what’s available with the Galaxy S8. Even though it’s not the latest phone model, you can choose the S8 without sacrificing when it comes to performance. Another perk is that the price of the S8 has been reduced since the debut of the S9, making it an even more attractive option for smartphone users.

For excellent performance and all the great features you want in a smartphone, choose the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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