5e Tool is an online platform used in role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

It offers a variety of features that enhances the D&D experience for players, including character creation, combat tracking, dice rolling functions, and virtual gaming tables.

However, there are some flaws and the user interface can be confusing to those who are not familiar with the game. Thankfully, there are several alternatives available for 5e tools today that cater to different needs and provide a more intuitive experience.

In this article, we will explore 20 of the best 5e Tools Alternatives in 2023.

5e Tools

Best Alternatives For 5e Tools

1. DnDBeyond:


This is one of the official sites offered by Wizards Of The Coast and is the perfect way to stay ahead of your D&D game sessions. With its sleek interface, one can easily create characters, spell books, encounters, and more with ease. It also offers additional content such as guides and tools that can be accessed for a small fee.

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2. Roll20:


This highly popular alternative provides an interactive virtual gaming table where players can come together online or on board-based games across platforms like Skype or Zoom call much easier than before. Its easy-to-use interface makes it an ideal tool for anyone looking to create amazing campaigns with friends

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3. RPGBot:


This site provides a variety of features such as character creation, automation, and tracking tools that make the world you live in unique! With its user-friendly design, novice players can easily use it without being bogged down by complicated instructions or rules.

You can also take advantage of its handy encounter generator which compiles over one million possible encounters for your game session.

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4. Aidedd:


This alternative stands out because of its focus on aiding Dungeon Masters and players with the gaming sessions by making it easier to manage characters, encounters, combat situations, and more.

As a beginner-friendly tool that still provides plenty of customizability options for experienced gamers as well.

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5. DonJon BinSh:

DonJon BinSh

If you’re looking to create your own original content then this is definitely the 5e experience enhancer for you! The combination of easy-to-understand graphical aids, automated calculators, and tutorials makes it a great tool for new players as well as experienced ones.

Users can also access the expansive library of online random generators which will no doubt delight them.

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6. Kassoon:


For those that desire stats-based gaming sessions then this is your go-to alternative! Developed by experts in the field of RPGs, Kassoon provides an outstanding user experience with its tab-based navigational system and customizability options such as adding conditions for adversaries, tracking combat hit points, and more.

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7. FoundryVTT:


Players who are looking to take their gaming session a step further will certainly appreciate Foundry VTT.

It puts you in control of the game – both players’ actions and the Dungeon Master have complete access to modifying or extending any piece on the map via easy-to-use tools that all make it easier than ever before to create your own custom campaign.

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8. D &D Spells:

D &D Spells

This 5e alternative focuses mainly on the spellcasting aspect of the game. It provides accurate information based on official Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition material, including a searchable database of spells, detailed descriptions with requirements and effects as well as media references to help you along your journey.

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9. D&DCombat:


Perfect for combat-focused gamers! Unlike other alternatives, this one not only offers an array of automated calculators that help keep track of HPs for both sides of the battle but also provides a library of minions and monsters to choose from as you build your own custom battle scenarios. Battle scenes have never been easier!

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10. D&DBattleMats:


This 5e alternative helps take the gaming table experience to a whole new level with its high-quality customized game mats that come in many sizes including 3×3′ and 4×4’! You can easily customize it by adding different elements such as terrain, dungeons pathways, textures, and more!

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11. D&D 5e:

D&D 5e

This alternative packs a multitude of features into one program. It is perfectly geared toward the serious gaming group that wants to make sure no detail goes unnoticed while playing.

From battle maps with global positioning systems (GPS) tracking and building dynamic encounters controlled by AI through detailed character sheets, campaign management tables as well as screenshots; it’s perfect for those who prefer an immersive gaming experience without having to take up too much time.

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12. D&D 5e Homebrew:

D&D 5e Homebrew

As the name suggests, this alternative focuses on extending and customizing your campaigns – from creating items to spells, and monsters as well as more complex scenarios like storylines and missions.

It’s easy enough for novices but still offers a great deal of customization options for experienced players who are looking for something new to add to their sessions.

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13. RPG Tinker:

RPG Tinker

An amazing tool if you’re looking for specific character details such as exactly how much damage they can do or even the range of a certain spell! Easily customizable with an intuitive interface, this alternative is perfect if you need quick access to accurate stats while starting up your game session.

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14. D&DTools:


A great 5e tool for both beginners and veterans alike! It comes packed with features including advice on choosing equipment, linking characters under group accounts, and tracking attacks/defenses in combat simulations that are dynamic enough to update your responses even when the enemy mutates its tactics.

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15. D20 SRD:


The perfect tool for those who appreciate an open-source encyclopedia.

As a completely free alternative, it offers players access to 14000+ entries on topics such as rules, spells, and monsters that are compatible with all official Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks from version 3rd edition onwards. It is updated frequently so your subjects will always stay up-to-date.

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16. FantasyNameGenerator:


Come up with unique names for your characters and other NPCs in a mere few clicks! With this alternative, you can access over 135 million suitable names at the push of a button – be it to begin a new adventure or inject your campaign with renewed energy.

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17. KobOld Fight Club:

KobOld Fight Club

This 5e tool hands you an intuitive game interface that allows for dynamic encounters and real-time combat tracking! Not only does it contain information about creatures and their abilities, but also random encounter tables and item generators to add some surprise elements to your gaming session.

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18. Critical Role Wiki:

Critical Role Wiki

If you’re looking for more information on the TV series, then this is the alternative for you! It offers an extensive list of factoids not only about the show but its characters as well, detailing even their backstories so that you can learn a thing or two while getting into your character’s mindset pre-playtime!

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19. Worldanvil:


A great tool for anyone looking to create entire man-made worlds that come with detailed histories, maps, storylines, and even interactive visualizations of them all! Players are allowed access to a secret vault where they can keep track of their ideas as well as brainstorm on new ones over multiple sessions.

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20. TabletopAudio:


If you’re into bringing audio elements (music or sound) into your gameplay then this alternative is the perfect pick! With its expansive library that contains royalty-free music HQ tracks suitable for different game types, it’s a fantastic resource to create the perfect ambiance.

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What are 5e Tools?

5e Tool is a web-based platform that makes playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5th Edition easier, more efficient, and fun.

It provides players with many tools to help them prepare for their next game session such as character creation, combat tracking, virtual gaming tables, and much more.

In addition to this, the interface is easily navigable so even those who are new to the game can take part without getting overwhelmed or confused.

5e Tools Not Working? Explained

If you are having difficulty accessing the 5e tools platform, here are some potential solutions:

  1. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements – The 5e Tools website requires a minimum operating system of Windows 7 or higher and a Mac OSX 10.7 version with at least 4GB RAM and 500MB of free storage space.
  2. Clear Cache and cookies – If your browser is unable to load the 5e Tools page, try deleting all cached data and recent cookies from your browser. This will help remove any interference or conflicts that may be present.
  3. Reinstall/update plugins – Some browsers require specific plugins in order for certain websites (such as the 5e Tools platform) to run properly. Check if all of these are up-to-date, otherwise, uninstall them and install the most current versions.
  4. Disable firewalls – In some cases, your firewall or a connection limit set in its settings may be preventing 5e Tools from loading properly. Try disabling it temporarily to see if this solves the issue; you can always enable it again once you’re done playing with 5eTools.
  5. Check your internet connection – Make sure that there are no internet connectivity issues on your end. Try accessing 5e Tools on another device or in a different location to check if this is the problem.
  6. Contact customer support – If none of the above solutions work, contact their customer support team for specific help and advice.

5e tools FAQs

1) Is there any cost associated with using 5e tools?

Yes, there is a subscription fee for certain features such as voice chat support and an ever-growing library of material from official ‘Dungeons & Dragons publishers. However, the basic features are completely free to use!

2) Is 5e tools user-friendly?

Yes,5e Tools is designed with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for everyone-from novices to veterans to access all its various functions.

3) Are there any official Dungeons & Dragons material available?

Yes! You can access an ever-growing library of content from the ‘Dungeons & Dragons publisher through the 5e tools subscription.

4) Can I play with people across different platforms?

Yes, you can. Many 5e alternatives such as Roll20 and FoundryVTT support multiple platforms like Skype or Zoom call which makes it easy to invite players from around the world for your gaming session.

5)Is my data safe when using 5e tools?

Yes, 5e Tools takes several safety measures to ensure that all user and game information is kept secure and confidential. All users’ contact information, passwords, and game content are encrypted with top-of-the-line SSL encryption technology during server transmissions.

6) Can I access 5e Tools on my mobile devices?

Yes, and no. The actual website is only available via web browser, however, all of the features are compatible with both iOS and Android tablets. This means that you can easily use them outside of a computer to create characters or manage content while on the go!

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