Team building is a good way to assess how a team interacts and works together to accomplish tasks and any workload. Aside from collaborative work, it also promotes creativity and resourcefulness. A team building blog helps you enhance a team’s performance and allows them to get to know each other on a personal level.  

    Thus, it strengthens their bond as a group. The team members get motivated to work because they have a support system and a good work environment. And eventually, they will hone their skills, unlock their potential, step up and become future leaders. Good thing, team building can now be done remotely

    Here are five virtual team building ideas for your next team-building event: 

    It is essential to start any team-building event with a simple icebreaker. Icebreakers can effectively help each member to get to know each other and feel more open and comfortable collaborating.

    With this, you can play a game of two truths and one lie. To play the game, each player will have to come up with three statements about themselves, two of which are factual, and the other one is made up. And the rest of the group will have to guess which statement was a lie. The person who gets it right will go next.

    This will allow the team members to think critically, get creative and become persuasive, an important and useful skill in dealing with future clients. Furthermore, this is a good way for the members to get to know each other. 

    • Play Virtual Escape Rooms 

    Find the best virtual escape games and choose themes that the majority would want to play. This is done on a video conference app. A host and a game master will explain the rules, give instructions and clues. This game is suitable for small and large groups.

    Each team can consist of at least three players, with the main objective of escaping the room. They will be given a fixed time to solve riddles and puzzles. Each team will have to think critically, work together because the first team that escapes the room wins. 

    • Uncover Hidden Talents 

    It would be fair if everyone participated in the talent show. It’s time to shine and bring out the big guns. This is a great opportunity to express freely any hidden talent and show what each member can do best. The member with the greatest number of votes will be chosen as the winner.

    This will allow each member of the team to get out of their comfort zone and build confidence. Building each member’s confidence is essential as this may help them play a stronger role in contributing to your team.

    • Guess Who Owns The Office 

    This can be another way to get to know each team member by asking each one to take photos of their home office and let everyone guess whose it is. This can be challenging to the spectators, especially if there are newbies in the company. It can also be tricky because some teammates may look put together during meetings but actually have a messy office and vice versa.

    What this game is trying to teach is not judging the book by its cover. Learn to be a great observant, be perceptive, and pay close attention to details.  

    • Include A Classic Game Of Charades

    You may have played a game of charades as a child, but using it as a simple team-building activity in the workplace can be greatly beneficial too. Aside from being fun, it can help improve a team’s camaraderie. It also promotes quick and creative thinking and enhances nonverbal communication.

    To do this, divide the team into two and get one representative at a time to act out the chosen word or phrase. The rest of the team members will guess what the word is. This game will get everyone involved as all teammates will get a chance to act out a word or a phrase. It will be a healthy competition and a good brain exercise. 


    There are a lot of ways to have team-building activities remotely; the main goal is to get everyone together and bond over a few games. It will be a good way to get to know everyone and strengthen the team’s teamwork and cooperation. Furthermore, you all need a break from work; thus, hosting team-building remotely is one way to combat future burnouts.

    For your team building, you can have a program for a proper flow and choose a few games. Think if it can be a weekly thing, and you can do one game per week, perhaps. Whatever you decide, always think about what can be improved the next time.

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.