Knowledge is power! Being familiar with the digital world could mean a lot to your business. Social media advertising is so far the most resourceful marketing efforts you could embark on: considering the number of audiences you can reach out to by just a single post. There are various social media platforms that businesses use to market their companies and they all have their share of setbacks, and of course benefits.

The most popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The mentioned platforms have millions of users which make them valuable to a business. By incorporating a couple of tools that can help you track social signals, social media can do a lot for your marketing campaigns.

You should, however, note that they all have different types of advertising. So the best pick should be one that is relevant to your business goals and objectives. The following are among the most compelling types of social media advertising that you can employ.

1. Facebook advertising

If you want to hit the bull’s eye, then Facebook advertising is the way to go. The reason mainly being the fact that Facebook has audience filters that will enable you to go straight to the point. With specification on audience demographics such as age, location and interests to mention a few will guide you where exactly you should go. Statistics from various studies and research show that there are over 2 billion Facebook users. It tells you why Facebook is what you need to reach almost everyone and anyone. This type of advertising is not only target oriented, but it is also adept for e-commerce.

2. Twitter advertising

Why is twitter among the best form of social media advertising? It is among the most popular social media platforms that boast about 320 million users monthly. With Twitter, you can still reach followers through organic engagement: you can imagine the value that will be added to your platform if you decide to run a paid ad! With the various advertising campaigns like promoted tweets, accounts, trends and cards, you can be guaranteed to get the most out of Twitter. Twitter advertising is the best way to connect to all important audience.

3. LinkedIn advertising

Are you mainly focused on promoting B2B? LinkedIn will be your best pick. You can count on it to get you the most promising and dependable leads for your business. LinkedIn connects over 300 million professionals. Do you have a recruiting company or a high-end business to business services and products to advertise? Then LinkedIn is here for you. To get the most out of LinkedIn advertising, you could put the following points into use:

  1. Consider using short and concise profiles for your advertisement as most of the users prefer preciseness.
  2. Make use of targeting features offered by LinkedIn. These are filters such as location, company size, education, skills and age to mention a few.
  3. Focus on challenges and problems professionals and offer a means of fixing them!

4. Instagram advertising

If you need a kind of advertising that has the most engagement, then Instagram advertising is what you need. Why Instagram? Studies show that the engagement rate for Instagram is 58% higher than those of the king of social media (Facebook) and 2000% higher than that of Twitter. Also, Instagram has over 500 million monthly users!

If your content is mostly focused on visuals, then Instagram advertising is the best for generating sales for your visually appealing products and services. Is your target market of the female gender? Well, you should know that Instagram is more popular with females more than it is with their male counterparts. The catch of this type of advertising is you do not have to get stuck with organic ads; you can always get direct engagement for your products.

5. Pinterest advertising

Pinterest is solely built so that you may find and purchase prolific products. Boasting over 175 million users on a monthly count, it has the best engagement rate you can find. Not to mention that 81% of the users are women: the future of your business could not get any brighter.

It is why you need to consider Pinterest advertising as you jot down the best type of social media advertising to pick.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.