Usually, Verizon cellphone batteries work throughout the entire life of the phone without dropping any charge. But, sometimes Verizon service providers may deliver a defective cellphone battery or your battery starts to lose charge more frequently than normal. Depending on the situation, you may be authorized to get Verizon replace your battery for free.

    The steps to follow to get your faulty battery replaced by the Verizon are given below, you need to follow these 5 simple steps and you are done with your work.

    Without waiting further, lets discuss those steps;

    Step 1. Collecting Documentation

    What you need to do first is to collect all of your documentations, your contract, the original packaging of the battery and any other materials provided from Verizon.

    Furthermore, if you are asking for an exchange or replacement of the battery, then you must have all the things that you had received at the time of purchase from the Verizon store.

    Step 2. Be Sure of Contract Term

    You may also need to check your contract terms. According to the return policies of the Verizon – as listed on its website – you may exchange your new product only one time and that too within 30 days of its purchase; provided that you give it back to Verizon in its original pack with the battery, charger, instructions and all other components came enclosed with.

    So, in case you are within that 30-day duration, you must be able to receive a fresh battery without any further question asked.

    Step 3. Check for the Fault

    You may troubleshoot your battery. Before you may ask Verizon to replace your battery, their technicians would want you to ensure that the fault is with the battery and not with the software or the phone.

    You can do this verification on your own beforehand in order to save the time. For this, try swapping your faulty battery for an identical and functional battery and check whether it is still draining charge quickly or losing the charge frequently than normal. If the functional battery also behaves in the same faulty manner with your phone, then you may likely have a cellphone problem instead of a faulty battery.

    Step 4. Checking the Service

    Also, you may test your service. Many times, the cellphone batteries drain, so quickly due to poor coverage. You can check for this problem by turning off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G  and any other phone functions that are not essential.

    You can also turn “Airplane Mode” on to replicate the effect. If the battery problems cease, this implies that you have a coverage problem instead of a defective battery.

    Step 5. Reach Verizon Customer Service Store

    In case you are not able to troubleshoot the battery issues on your own and it still continues to drain or lose charge even after performing all the required tests, then take your phone to any authorized Verizon customer service store.

    The Verizon customer service representative will likely to conduct a few additional tests and if your battery lies in the warranty period, they will give you a new battery while keeping your old battery with them.

    Sometimes you can encounter few technical problems related to your Verizon equipment’s. In order to solve these problems, you should take help of the certified and skilled Verizon technicians. They will assist you by providing all plausible solutions to your problems. Call Verizon customer service at which you can get any type of help related to your Verizon devices.

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