A few decades earlier finding out critical information about someone’s criminal history was pretty complicated. Thanks to the popularization of background checking services such as Veromi, checking someone’s criminal history, employment records, educational qualifications, and contact details is now a matter of seconds.

It’s a legal mandate for employers to perform background checks on newly hired employees, especially if it’s a job role that involves the safety of others. This protects employers if an employee does something illegal or irresponsible during work hours. There is also a lot of media attention focused on background checking. Uber and Lyft were recently accused of using cheap background check service providers. It was found that the service they used didn’t search the FBI database, which resulted in 25 people with recorded criminal history to slip through the system.

Long story short, whenever you need to perform a background check, it’s always important to trust reputed players. Veromi is a trusted name in the industry that searches multiple databases to provide the most accurate and comprehensive report instantly. You also need to understand that there are laws related to background checking. Not taking consent before conducting a background check is generally considered illegal. Keeping these things in mind following are 4 scenarios where background checking is most definitely warranted.

Blind Dates

Going on dates is not what it used to be before online dating became popular. Now, you can meet complete strangers online and go on a date them the very same date. Considering the fact that people routinely misrepresent themselves online, performing a background check is a smart call. Apart from ruining your weekend by going on a bad date, you can wind up being involved with a serious offender. Because it works both ways, you should also be okay with your date checking your background.

Hiring an Employee/Intern

A employee may have an impressive resume, but it’s your job to make sure all the details mentioned in the document are accurate. It’s not uncommon for people to lie about their educational qualifications and employment history. A simple online background check allows you to quickly verify a candidate’s CV and move on with the hiring process.

When Hiring Volunteers to Work with Kids

In many states, Child Protective Services mandates background checking of employees and volunteers working with children. From school nannies to teachers performing a criminal background check to ward off child abuse is an absolute must. Even if your state doesn’t have specific laws, it’s always best to perform a thorough check. It’s also a good idea to perform a similar check when hiring a nanny for your child. However, don’t forget to take that person’s legal consent.

Rescreening Hired Employees

Most companies perform a background check when hiring new employees. However, a lot of them overlook the importance of rescreening them once they are in the systems. Experts often recommend rescreening employees who have been with a firm for more than 5 years. This way companies get an updated background-check record and ensure criminal offenses that were committed after the hiring process do not get overlooked.

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