Marketers have been chasing after the “shiny objects” for many decades now. With the advancement in technology, every day comes with a newer strategy and tool to measure growth, and marketing fanatics want to be the first to try and use the “Next Big Thing” or “The Latest Update” in the marketing world.

There’s definitely nothing bad in testing such tools, channels, and methods for digital or social media marketing. But it is important to make sure it is not done at the cost of the old and effective ones; the ones that aren’t fancy, but desirable and worthy.

On that note, let’s look at (comparatively) old social media strategies that are still effective in 2020.

Repeatedly Post Content On Social Media

Experts of social media marketing in Greenville, SC, say that you must be extremely careful and active within the first 24-48 hours of publishing content. That’s the timeframe when your blog, article, or post gets the maximum likes, views, and engagement.

Repeatedly posting content when it’s new can double the engagement and boost your traffic. 

So, as soon as you write a blog post or article, promote your content on the social media platforms, and do that repeatedly. To avoid being marked as spam, tweak the format of the content. Provide a summary of the piece, ask a related question, create an information gap.

Push It To Your Loyal Readers

Another way to get your content the maximum engagement it deserves is to send the link out to your email list. Make sure your list comprise of people who are interested in your content. If you don’t have a list, narrow down your email subscribers, and push your content to people who open your emails regularly.

Increase the click-open rate of these emails by choosing a catchy subject line. Make the email engaging by including enticing graphics and adding videos.

Having said that, older posts and articles can also benefit from the above two strategies. Just ensure that the content is relevant, evergreen, and continually updated. 

NOTE: Do not use old (outdated) content repeatedly to engage with customers/ prospects. If you circulate the same thing over and over again, chances are highly likely that the users will unsubscribe you.

Use The Power Of LinkedIn

Committed LinkedIn users prefer reading long-form content than short form. So, if you want to promote a lengthy article on LinkedIn, post three to four paragraphs or sentences on the platform with a “click to read” link to your website.

LinkedIn users are curious. If you give them sneak-peek into a post that promises to add value to their life, they will want to know more. This way, you will be able to boost your traffic by high numbers.

This strategy also works for Facebook. But for the Facebook audience, try to make the post more visual. Add graphics or include a video. 

Repurpose Your Content

One of the best ways to extend the longevity of content is to repurpose and post it on different platforms. 

Reformatting content saves you time and allows you to interact with the audience across different channels, just the way they like it. The content is already on your website; you just have to modify it into different formats to make it easy to understand.

Let’s say, for example; you write an article on the topic “Why Your Brand Needs To Invest In Website Design In Greenville, SC”. What can you do with the article?

Well, for starters, rework it into a video for Facebook. And then maybe, chop down the video into a shorter Instagram video. Turn it into a 5-episode podcast, etc. You can do anything with the content; anything you want. I am not exaggerating!

Just keep in mind, when repurposing, it is essential to tweak the content according to the social media channel you are using. Don’t try to post everything everywhere. By doing so, you will frustrate the users. 

In fact, try to make things work organically.

Moreover, don’t reformat everything. You don’t want to waste your time and money in creating something that may not work. Instead, work with your best content. Understand what topics trend well, and what do not. Experiment, and make use of your experiences in the next campaign.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is not rocket science. All you have to do is to create valuable, high-quality content, and promote it in every way you can. Just don’t overdo it.

In the end, while trying and testing new strategies for social media growth and engagement is great, you must also use old, effective marketing strategies.

Always remember, going back to basics is easy, cheap, and will definitely reap you results.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.