Advanced technology has changed the way most people live their daily lives, and it has changed the way industries function too. For restaurants, modern advances have allowed them to keep their operations streamlined, which in turn frees up employees to focus on their work while saving the business money.

Let’s take a closer examination at four ways employee scheduling works in restaurants across North America.

Better Schedules in Less Time

Like any business, restaurants suffer when operational processes take longer than necessary. If you decide to get easy online restaurant scheduling with modern software, you can reduce the time it takes to create a schedule everyone loves by up to 80%. 

Especially around the Christmas holiday season it’s easy to understand why a restaurant would love software that simplifies schedule making, and lets everyone feel in charge of their personal life while giving the restaurant control of its staffing well in advance. Even the amount of calls and texts otherwise required to hammer out a schedule are reduced by up to 70%.

Modern Time Clock

The humble time clock used to be limited to a binary function, relaying to employers whether their staff were either “in” or “out” of work. Now, restaurants can create whatever custom breaks they’d like, and can define breaks as being for “coffee,” “lunch,” or any other term as needed.

This time clock also helps employers comply with labor laws by letting managers know in advance when a staff member is slotted for OT hours, while also ensuring staff get the breaks they need and are legally entitled to. 

The time clock also saves the business money by preventing early punch ins, and doesn’t allow staff to punch in unless they’re scheduled for a shift that day. In the event that a staff member forgets to sign out, the time clock can do so automatically.

Simplify Communications

Employee scheduling software streamlines communication in a few ways. If a manager needs to simply inform staff about something, they can send a one-way note that nobody can respond to. This way, staff get the information they need and the message never devolves into a time-consuming waste.

On the other hand, if dialogue is needed, group chats can be made into any configuration as needed. This way, only the staff who need to be in the know have their time taken up.

Data At Your Fingertips

Navigating any business in the 21st century involves processing reams of data — employee scheduling software gives you all the right data right at your fingertips. Every vital statistic about the economic health of your restaurant is there, right alongside the observations of your frontline staff.

Software that produces hard, quantifiable data alongside invaluable insights from your employees gives managers and executives the information they need to lead.

New technology like employee scheduling software can really give any restaurant a boost by helping in these four ways. If your restaurant operations could use some improvement, get employee scheduling software today.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.