CRM or Customer Relationship Management system happens to be the new tool that is used by all kinds of businesses to directly accelerate their sales and growth. There are a number of CRM solutions that are available in the market that aim at identifying the potential customer, knowing them better and then tracking their necessary activities. All of this does not just provide enough information about the customers but also aids in using them in a manner that helps to increase sales and maintain growth in a business.

While there are several obvious features that one must keep in mind while selecting CRM software for their business (such as ease of use, value for money, free customer support, easy access etc.) there are a few specific ones that you must consider if you are choosing CRM for marketing agency.

Here we give you three main things to check in CRM Software if you are choosing one for a Marketing Agency.

Top 3 features to check in CRM Software for Marketing Agency

  • The CRM solution should be intuitive and user-friendly

One of the most important features of a CRM is its ease of use and intuitive nature. A CRM that is complicated and requires extensive training of sales representative is not just a way of wasting time but also discourages marketing executives who just aim at increasing the sales faster. When choosing CRM for marketing agency ensure that it does not require a lot of time in training or a permanent administrator to run it for the agency. Such CRM software will definitely require lesser maintenance as well.

  • The CRM Software must have mobile access

More and more software that are launched today are mobile friendly that automatically also increase their efficiency. For marketing executives to be highly efficient, they need to be effective not just in the office but also while they are on field. CRM software that has mobile access allows the marketing team to access all the deals and contact information from any device, anywhere. Good CRM for marketing agency is one that allows mobile applications (Android and IOS) that are easy to use and reliable and definitely do not compromise on the desktop features of the software.

  • The CRM Software should allow communication within the team

When looking for CRM for marketing agency, find one that allows team-wide communication. This means the CRM software allows for easy flow of communication within the marketing team and the team members can share customer information as well. This is definitely better when compared to a marketing team that is restricted with limited data within their organization.

The successful implementation of CRM software will depend largely on the features that you have chosen for it. To avoid any failure of the system and inconvenience later, it is suggested to spend some time initially and draft a proposal of all the features that are indispensable in CRM for marketing agency.

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