Digital is a tough industry to break into – it requires a determination to succeed like no other. With the goal-posts consistently shifting and latest updates throwing some projects completely out of the water, hiring the right staff to ensure your business stays ahead of the game is paramount not only for success, but for basic survival.

    While you might think of developers, programmers and IT tech support, there are many services that businesses may outsource to agencies – at inflated costs. Here we take a look at three members of staff that you could do with in-house.

    Web Designers

    Outsourcing web design can be risky business. Sure, there are many freelancers out there who have the potential to offer quality service – but the bounds of control are limited. How can you actively realize your intentions with somebody when they’re not physically there. Sure, Skype is a great way to keep intouch, but it certainly lacks the personal feel.

    Furthermore, accountability is an issue – if they’re not full-time members of staff, how do you know they’re putting 100% into your project? Are they charging another client more – and thus spending more time on their website? Could they share your business ideas with others, or even copy them? Sure, you can get them under NDA (non-disclosure agreement), but even then, it’s risky. By having your web designers in-house you ensure they remain accountable, work solely on your projects and that your ideas remain, to the best of your ability, a secret.

    SQL Experts

    Now, while this article may be aimed at saving money, there are many companies offering SQL data base recovery for really affordable prices, and so that shouldn’t be a major concern for you. By having SQL experts in-house though, you’ll have individuals who can organize all the advanced data your websites hold – customer information such as recent orders, email addresses, home addresses, etc. SQL is by far the most popular language used to communicate with databases and so, if you’re not using SQL, get someone into your organization pronto. It will save you time, and ultimately, money.

    People managers with a knowledge of tech

    These guys and girls are more like management staff as opposed to out and out techies, but they’re still crucial to ensure your digital business meets its aims and objectives.

    Software is often developed in cycles nowadays, and as such, you need a dedicated taskforce to drive your team forward. These ‘scrum managers’ need incredible leadership skills to keep everyone motivated, but also advanced technology advice so they can appreciate the whole software creative process.

    Sometimes it’s hard for techies to appreciate that the business aims are more important than a project – and some tech staff can think of every piece of software they develop as a vanity project. When this happens, the whole process can become clogged as you wait for one developer to complete almost irrelevant and unimportant touches. With a good manager in place, they can work with staff at all levels to align them to a businesses’ goal, while also keeping individuals motivated.

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.