A lot of people are interested in 2017’s best tech so far. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact best technology of a given year, especially if that year has not yet concluded. After all, most technological developments are ongoing. This means that they are going to take place over the course of several years in most cases rather than just a few. However, there have still been some advances in 2017 that are worthy of note.

On a smaller scale, a lot of people today are talking about the Nintendo Switch. This is a device that has made gaming significantly easier for most people, so it is no surprise that a lot of people are specifically interested in it. Nintendo has been doing very well over the years, particularly as video games become more and more mainstream. The Nintendo Switch should only help further the popularity of video games in general, giving people more of a chance to pursue this activity in a convenient manner.

There are also plenty of tech enthusiasts who are very happy about the Samsung Galaxy S8. Tech fans were so unhappy about the Galaxy Note 7 that it is something of a relief that the Samsung Galaxy S8 was such a huge success. This new device has a much better camera than people are usually used to seeing, which should make a huge difference for most smartphone fans.

This device also certainly has a great screen. The battery life is even longer than what a lot of people would expect, and that should come as a surprise to some of the fans of these sorts of devices. In that way, the Samsung Galaxy S8 truly improves upon a lot of existing models. It signals an effective new development in smartphone technology.

On a much broader scale, a lot of people today are excited about the SpaceX Falcon. This is a device that should solve one of the most frustrating problems associated with rockets. Space rockets are incredibly expensive to construct, which has always given the associated technology some built-in limitations. The fact that space rockets traditionally could not be reused made them even less cost-effective.

This is the sort of situation that has managed to hinder the space program and many associated endeavors. The SpaceX Falcon is impressive specifically because it is a rocket that can at least be partly reused. This automatically means that it will be easier for all associated organizations to save millions of dollars. They will also save a lot of resources.

The research and development that has gone into producing rockets over the years can sometimes feel as if it is partly going to waste in a world where rockets are largely disposable. In a world where rockets can be reused, at least to a certain extent, it’s that much easier for the researchers involved with their design to feel as if their vision is being fully realized. This new rocket is one of the biggest innovations of 2017, and it represents a solution to a long-term problem.