Stumbling upon a GoPro corrupted file can be very distressing. Imagine going for a once in a year family trip and all the memories you had captured have suddenly refused to play. You can’t even understand the error message and nothing you do is able to get the video playing.

    Most of us would panic at the thought. But, don’t worry! It’s not serious until it can be repaired. A broken video clip can indeed be put together. However, it is better to try and avoid stepping into such tense circumstances.

    Tips For Avoiding Video Repair

    The GoPro MP4 files are high-quality files. If not managed properly, they may easily get corrupt.

    1.   Memory Cards Must Be Handled With Care

    Did you know, a small and innocent video memory card can also be the reason behind your video getting corrupt! When you remove your memory card the incorrect way, there is a high possibility that you will be left with your GoPro files corrupted.

    How to uncorrupt an SD card? Well, there is only one direct method of doing so and that is to format it. If you are still stressed out you might want to visit SD card corrupting files.

     2.  Use certified memory cards

    Never go for the cheap, unreliable memory cards. They seldom work. You must always use a GoPro certified memory card to avoid the burdensome GoPro MP4 repair process.

      3.   Conflicting Format Issues

    If your video is not able to play in your regular media player, don’t panic. This might not be a corruption case. Your media player may not be compatible with your video’s format or may not have the required codecs.

    A simple media player swap may fix this issue. Keep in mind that this only works if your video isn’t already corrupt.

       4. Avoid Substandard Media Application

    Have you ever passed your video file through a file format converter? Beware the lousy, below-average ones. They can leave you with your GoPro files in an incompatible format. Such a file can have trouble playing. The file may lose its audio-video sync or its header may break.

    From now on, bear in mind that substandard applications can seriously damage your excellent quality videos. It is best to use only the ones which are popular and sure to work.

    5.  Incomplete Downloads May Not Work

    Do you know how video files are downloaded? There is a stream of tiny current signals coming into your device. If the download process is somehow interrupted, the video may not work fine.

    This happens when either your internet signal is not strong enough, or you are carrying out multiple downloads simultaneously. Keep in mind to check your internet strength the next time you are downloading a video.

    6.   Avoid Partial Transfers

    A similar problem may also arise when you are transferring your video from one device to another. Whether you are using a connecting cable or a pen drive, if the transfer is interrupted, the transferred file may not be able to play. Hence, you must take extra care while handling all your digital devices.

    7.   Keep A Power Backup

    Try to remember did you have an unforeseen power loss in the past? Was the video still playing when the machine turned off? This might be a reason behind your broken file. You must definitely invest in a power battery backup.

    8.   Shut Down Your Device Properly

    Do you have the habit of hastily shutting down your computer without closing all applications? This is a habit you must change. There must be a reason why every operating system comes with a turn off button. When you shut down your machine and the video files are still open, there is a high chance that you will end up corrupting them.

    9.   Keep Anti-Virus Updated

    Your file can get seriously damaged if it is subjected to a virus or malware attack. A virus can completely mess up the unique encoding of your video. Hence, an updated antivirus is a must requirement for every computer device.

    10. Format Your Hard Disk Frequently

    Our computers have a very efficient way of utilizing memory space. It takes your video file and splits it into small chunks. These small parts are then stored all over your hard disk.

    This excellent use of memory space essentially implies that even if you have one bad sector in your memory, the complete file would turn corrupt. Regularly formatting the hard disk may come beneficial.

    11. Avoid Downloading From Nasty Sites

    You must develop a habit of browsing only secure websites. Malicious sites may contain damaged content which is not only of no use, but may also damage other files in your device.

    12. Keep Your Computers And Cameras Clean

    Make it a habit to clean your devices and equipment once in a while. The accumulating dust may damage the device, thereby corrupting the files.

    How To Uncorrupt A Video File

    If you are struggling with GoPro corrupt files or looking for GoPro corrupt file fix, this article will definitely help you. The most hassle-free way of uncorrupting your damaged files is to use a professional video repairing tool. These tools are extremely simple to use and are proven to give excellent results. You can also refer to repair GoPro video for more repair options.


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