Even though it’s just the start of 2019, there is a lot for us to look forward to especially in IoT and Smart City Tech. Allow us to discuss some of those.

1. Expansion of Smart IoT

Since IoT generally focuses on connectivity and processing, it’s capable of recording almost everything ranging from walking routes, shared car, building occupancy, and many more. By 2019, the construction industry will be able to enjoy more of these benefits.

2. Remarkable Growth in Data Devices

Last year, we expected around 3.6 billion devices that are actively connected to the Internet, and by 2019, this would continue to grow. With the advent of 5G technology, more and more devices will be connected to one another, and there will also be a surge in traffic data.

3. More IoT Investments

The remarkable impact of IoT will attract more capitalists to invest in technology. This would open doors toward highly advanced projects not only in hardware but software and services as well.

4. IoT and Digital Transformation

Since IoT is a key driver in various industries, the use of sensors, bright beacons, and RFID tags become more prevalent to the point that you can even see them in traffic barriers, and other safety equipment. These devices are a total game changer in various industries, and it will have a positive effect on its overall performance.

5. AI and IoT Data

Known as the main ingredient necessary to be able to analyze vast amounts of data, IoT and AI will continue to be helpful in different areas, ranging from data preparation, data discovery, and many more.

6. Blockchain and IoT

Blockchain offers new hope for IoT security for some reasons. First, since blockchain is public, everyone could access this information, which also means users can easily monitor their transactions.

7. IoT and Fog Computing

For those who are not familiar with the term, fog computing is a type of technology wherein important details are distributed as it moves closer to the edge. Some benefits can be enjoyed through fog computing, making it lucrative for IoT providers. One of which is that it offers higher reliability, minimize latency, and so on.

8. IoT Standardization

Standardization is deemed to be one of the biggest challenges the construction industry face, however, as it collaborates with IoT technology, everything becomes more efficient than ever.

9. The Era of 5G Begins

5G networks are one of the few most anticipated technologies, and 2019 is the new era for it. There will be more support with interconnectivity, and IoT innovation will continue to develop. That means, there wouldn’t be lack of communication anymore, especially in the construction industry.

10. There Will Be a Shift with Automotive Business Models

Data is becoming more and more critical in the construction industry, and with this, IoT technologies would make it possible for vehicles to gather necessary data and monitor them accurately.

Indeed, we’re slowly welcoming a future of advanced technologies and devices that don’t only make our lives earlier, but it also affects everything around us.

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