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Heartbeat of the Nonprofit Industry

Posted by Cheryl Black at Apr 26, 2012 12:42 PM CDT
Categories: Fundraising, Nonprofit Trends

While enjoying the spring conference circuit, Convio put our (very patient) camerapeople and me to work. We asked 70 nonprofit pros what they think the biggest challenge facing the sector is. Then we took the answers, identified trends, wrote up the "Heartbeat of the Industry" report and made a YouTube video (because it's 2012 and that's what you do right?).

Watch the video now to see what sector leaders like Kivi Leroux Miller, Amy Sample Ward, John Kenyon, David J. Neff, Darian Heyman and other smart cookies said.

Ritu Sharma, executive director for Social Media for Nonprofits does a lovely job summarizing it all: “This is a very interesting time for nonprofits. Fundraising is always a primary concern, especially as the economy looks to get back on track. But nonprofits have also become hypersensitive to successfully engaging with their supporters and creating awareness for their mission. Many organizations realize that knowing when and how their supporters want to be engaged is critical in this world of information overload.”

What do you think the biggest challenge is? Any ideas for addressing it?

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