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Social Media in 50 Easy Steps

Posted by at Jun 30, 2008 04:00 PM CDT
Categories: Nonprofit Trends, Social Media

Social media logosSometimes I feel like my life revolves around social media. As a “digital native”, I live and breath the Internet and also have the privilege to share my knowledge of all things new media with and for nonprofits each day when I come to work. Because of this, I’m often on the prowl for social media tips, tricks and best practices to share with organizations that can help them in online marketing, communications and outreach efforts.

This week, Chris Brogan has yet again provided a great resource for anyone interested in developing a social media presence in his post 50 Steps to Establishing a Consistent Social Media Practice. Replace the word business with nonprofit and the word customer with constituent, and here’s a great starting point for any nonprofit organization looking to delve into social media. (It's also a great check list of reminders for all of you who are already in these spaces.)

A few of Chris' points that particularly resonated with me:

  • To create consistent content, read daily, and not just for your industry. Skim, synthesize, and post.
  • On all your presence points, be human, and write a human-sounding profile. Use a human-seeming profile picture. (Did I mention “human?”)
  • Pick 3 social networks to join based on where your customers might be. 3 might sound like too few, but it probably will be too many.
  • Think about things your customers/stakeholders/prospects might need and write about that, even if it’s a bit off-topic.
  • Remember to comment on other people’s blogs frequently, and show your participation in the communities where you have presence
What do you think of Chris' list? What else would you add here?

And for those of you nonprofits already finding success with social media, which of the 50 points do you think is most helpful or relevant to the sector?

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